17 February 2023
Before we head into the February break, we want to share with you information that was presented to the PSI community regarding concerns about potential activity next week.  Below is Director Rachel Caldwell's message to the community.  

We are thoughtful about our entire community, particularly our Ukraine families and the potential that some may be travelling back to Ukraine during the coming week.

We always want to keep members of our community in our thoughts during difficult times.  As both our ASW and PSI families approach the anniversary of the start of this conflict that has inspired seemingly limitless compassion and service, we want to take a moment to reflect and keep all of those impacted in our thoughts.

We hope for relative calm in the upcoming week, but we also need to be prepared for any potential outcome.  Our ASW Crisis Team has met proactively to plan for potential actions following this February break.  During the time, we may update you via email if anything emerges.  After the break, we will all be on standby to address any concerns from our community. 

We wish you all safe travels if you are reaching out to other destinations.  We look forward to the return of all after the vacation.
The video below is from Rachel Caldwell's weekly message and includes an excerpt specific to concerns for next week.  Please click below to view this message.
United States President Joseph Biden is scheduled to visit Poland next week and speak mid-week.  This is a unique opportunity since we are on vacation and if you are staying in town, to join a moment of history - including your entire family.

Here is the link for current information about the speech on the embassy website: https://pl.usembassy.gov/president_biden_speech_warsaw/

The remarks will be held on February 21, 2023, at 17:30 at Arkady Kubickiego (gardens of the Royal Castle).  Those attending will need to pass through security screening. Large bags, backpacks, signs, posters, flags, and umbrellas will not be permitted. It is recommended that you arrive early and dress warmly.  More information will be updated on the link above as it becomes available.

Special Opportunity for Adults—NEW!
We will have a special area of the speech venue behind the President during the program—this group will access the venue via an expedited security line, and wait inside the Castle before the speech.  During the speech, this group will be on the stairs behind the President and will be given flags to wave (and generally smile—they will be in the direct shot of the cameras!).  This group will have a view of the whole event (kind of like behind home plate at a baseball game).  One note: during the actual event (approximately one hour), participants in this section will need to leave their cell phones locked in the holding room (protected by WH staff and security).  This opportunity is for adults only.  Interested participants should send their names, emails, and phone numbers to Jim Wolfe (WolfeJA@state.gov) on Friday, Feb 17th.