23 November 2022
TO: ASW Faculty & Staff
FR: Jon P. Zurfluh, Director
RE: 2023-2024 School Year and your continued committment
Greetings to everyone, and for those in attendance this morning, thank you for your apt attention during our presentation on our plans going forward.  Please find the slides from this morning at the following link for your reference:
Slides from November 23, 2022
This letter, as a follow-up to our board meeting on November 21 and my presentation this morning is about a tighter schedule than in prior years owing to the busy schedule and unique circumstances of the current economic environment.  We are hopeful that this is sufficient in providing you with the opportunity for an informed choice regarding your commitment to the next academic year.  I’m writing to you, as I do each year, to give you a sense of the main parameters so that you can consider the extension of your contract with us for another year.
Salary and benefit details were shared this morning.  Given that it was a salary-only focus year (every two years) We proposed significant salary adjustments that align with a moderate projection for the next school year in terms of student numbers and tuition increases consistent with inflationary pressures.  As a school, we have a strong financial position with demonstrated financial viability and we are quite proud that we can both address inflation through January adjustments and mediate the pressure of exchange rate fluctuations to provide for greater equity between employee groups.  
We have maintained growing and stable enrolment thus far and exceeded overall targets for the current year.  These ebbs and flows of the enrolment tide are normal and we have projected to tighten our control over numbers to move back toward targets in many grade levels.  We can now grow waiting lists a bit and capitalize on the Corporate Priority program as a result.
To adhere to our recruiting process for Faculty only at this stage, we kindly ask for a response to our offer coming today in the form of a Binding Letter of Intent signed by November 30, 2021. Of course, this process varies depending on your status.  But the document you receive will confirm your status and direct you on your next steps.  As usual, final faculty contracts will be issued in March which will reflect all final details of the salary and benefits package.  Support staff amendments will follow shortly after that.
As you know, we are fully accredited by NEASC/CIS and are a fully authorized continuum school under the IB.  We also confirmed our decision to move to joint accreditation under NEASC/IB in 2023 with the Board last year.  This process begins in earnest in the coming semester as we prepare for our study and visit next year.  This is a critical re-engagement that will set the school on its next path of school improvement and strategic work.
As is typical for this time of year, there are selective searches in play.  We live in an international community that embraces an adventurous spirit and the pull of new and unique opportunities is always present.  To that end, everyone that I’ve come to know holds their commitment to and fondness of the American School of Warsaw close to their heart.  For those seeking that new adventure, we wish them well.
We have added one position for next year to bolster our counselling team.  Otherwise, we will remain stable on staffing, seeking to solidify our ranks around current levels.
While there is always the remote possibility of changes, the leadership team has committed to remain in place for the 2023-2024 school year.  We all continue to grow as a team, and we will become incrementally better in our leadership with each passing year thanks in part to your continued feedback, the new additions and alignment of roles, and our rigorous engagement with the students and the broader community.
I wish you all well as you consider your continued commitment to this wonderful organization.  It is a blessing to work with all of you in shaping this profound experience for the students we all serve.  I'm both proud of and humbled by your talent and capacity.

Enjoy the long weekend!